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Combating Climate Change- Role of The Youth

Climate action has emerged as an ‘imperative action’ rather than a movement based on one’s choice amidst the looming ecological crisis. 2020 will be remembered as a landmark year for an exponential increase in the movements demanding an urgent climate action to prevent the deepening crisis of climate change.

The youth are the frontrunners of this movement as they are the generation that will face the most severe brunt of this crisis.

Top seven young child activists working on various climate action movements:

1. Greta Thunberg – founder of the Fridays for future movement (August 20, 2018)

2. Licipriya Kangujam-founder of ‘The Child Movement’(July 2018).

3. Autumn Peltier -spoke at Community events on climate change since she was eight.

4. Leah Namugerwa- spearheading the Climate change movement in Uganda.

5. Ridhima Pandey- made efforts by ordering the Indian Government to have a separate budget to check carbon emissions.

6. Xiye Bastida- a member of the People’s Child Movement, the Sunrise Movement, and Extinction Rebellion.

7. Isra Hirsi- Works on the Climate change movement and relates it with Black lives.

What do the various Climate action movements aim for?

v Environment-friendly lifestyle changes

v An institutional shift in the ‘development paradigm.’

v Holistic approach

v Efforts to stir conservations about ‘Climate Justice.’

Ten steps to combat climate change at individual and community level:

1. To act against deforestation

2. Judicious usage of water resource

3. More investment in renewable energy

4. Self and community awareness

5. Consume organic-stable planet

6. Eco-friendly transportation

7. Voice out opinion

8. Live a Plastic-free life

9. Initiatives for green spaces, start a community garden

10. Waste management.

What can be done more?

· Climate change assessment

· Better and immediate disaster and hazard response

· Increasing Health care centers

· Working on disaster mitigation and risk reduction.

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