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We, at PeaceX, have taken upon ourselves the monumental task of building through our actions and commitment, a more equitable and just world. We are dedicated to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by inspiring and harnessing the energy, enthusiasm and intellectual capacity of young people from diverse backgrounds. PeaceX is committed to impacting the lives of young people all over the world. Through collective actions, we aim to have tremendous social, political, economic and academic impact on the world. Pooling together the efforts, skills, zest and determination of the youth around the world will let us achieve the critical mass required to make that lasting positive impact on all nations. 


PeaceX believes that the initial degree of impact is no bulwark in front of the cascade effect that it creates in stimulating a developmental paradigm shift. Be it a grassroots community project or an exhaustive international campaign- it is the every single life which is touched that counts. Our Delegate Res Publicas are the lifeblood of our impact initiatives, and the leaders of a brighter tomorrow.


Note: PeaceX is working to ensure that our impact is seen and felt. Therefore, as we expand our work, we will be adding it here.


Peace and Progress Webinar

Fake News & Information Literacy Webinar


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