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5 Ways To Enhance Gender Equality At Home

1. SHARE WORK: As it is said, children learn what they see in their growing years, so if you do want to enhance gender equality at home, but if you as a wife do all household work after coming from the office, and your counterpart takes rest, this is what children will learn. Try sharing work, and children will learn equality rather than stereotypes about gender roles.

2. DON'T INCORPORATE GENDER ROLES: Many parents tend to have this stereotype of having set masculine/feminine roles; this leads to stereotyping of the children's minds. Here, parents can go ahead and teach the guy apparent 'non-masculine roles' such as cooking, whereas also teach the girl apparent 'non-feminine roles' such as changing a tire.

3. TALK ABOUT IT: Believe it or not, education is the most essential part of a child's life. So if you want to enhance gender equality, try talking about it, clearing their misconceptions, and letting them create a fair view.

4. EMBRACE DIVERSE ROLE MODELS: So this is also common that a male child is usually expected to be the next engineer and hence have the same role model, whereas a female child is expected to be the next chef and hence have the same gendered role model. This kind of stuff restricts not only the profession they choose but also the role model; therefore, parents should embrace all types of role models.

5. EDUCATE YOURSELF: No matter how advanced the parents are, when a boy takes birth, he receives blue color clothes or cars, whereas a girl receives pink color clothes or barbie dolls. Such behavior needs amends; for this to change, you must educate yourself first and throw all stereotypes out of your mind.

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