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PeaceX is an international organization that aims to unite the peoples of the 7 continents to contribute, collaborate and catalyze the implementation of the 17 Sustainable development goals, as mentioned in the UN charter. The organization believes in empowering the young leaders and aims to provide them a platform to harness their creativity and innovative instinct, in their bid to bring about change.  Our drive and motivation to fulfill our vision is well-encapsulated by our motto, ‘Pax et Lux’, which symbolizes our aspiration to achieve all our endeavours. 


We have laid the foundation for a global community committed to bringing about change. Our founders and core team members are from all over the world specializing in fields such as entrepreneurship, community service and research.  We are looking for organizations with the same vision and drive to partner with us in order to get maximum outreach. 

We plan to pool the strengths of different stakeholders to create win-win partnerships that respond promptly and effectively to social and environmental challenges.


Brainstorming and identifying new approaches to deal with key challenges, preparing social entrepreneurs and amplifying the impact of these changemakers by encouraging collaboration is the way forward! As a partner, the organization will get the opportunity of directly working with the young innovators and helping them establish a ground for themselves. Working with PeaceX will provide an opportunity to materialize one’s commitment to empowering young leaders, promoting human rights, prioritizing innovation in technology and policy and building a fraternity dedicated to preserving the environment and humanity. Our partners will get the exclusive opportunity of working with our Think tank which is committed to researching topics such as governance, political economy, peace and sustainability among others. Working with our incubation vertical will provide an opportunity to foster social, community-based entrepreneurship for the SDGs. 


Therefore, PeaceX is the ideal partner to achieve widespread social impact! If you believe that the PeaceX Organization’s vision resonates with your organization, do reach out to us!

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