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We present to you the team behind the inception of PeaceX, a triplet of enthusiasm, steaming ambition for a better world and stellar will. 


Zinnia Aurora

Zinnia Aurora, a student of environment science and economics, and an incoming Stanford GSB candidate, is a forceful advocate of sustainability management and is a green economy enthusiast. She is the Global Focal Point (Youth) to the LiFE Resolution (India and Bolivia) and Circular Economy Resolution ( European Union) at the UN Environment Assembly - 6. She leads Green Economy and is part of Global Steering Committee (Youth) at the UNEP. She has been involved in a range of sectors -corporate to sustainability - at Unilever, NITI Aayog, Commonwealth, World Bank. As a co-founder of PeaceX, she envisions empowerment through strong grassroots efforts for a socially, economically and environmentally better tomorrow.

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Siddharth Gulati

Siddharth Gulati, a Master in Public Policy Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School, embodies a fervent commitment to reducing carbon emissions and reshaping international financial systems to align with environmental goals. His passion is evident through his past work, including being the Principal Researcher in the 'Pollution-Free India project,' conducted in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and endorsed by the President's Secretariat. Siddharth also serves as an ambassador for the Sakura Japan-Asia youth science program, showcasing his dedication to fostering global scientific cooperation. He's a two-time recipient of the prestigious President's Award for his innovative contributions. Siddharth's impactful initiatives extend to his previous work with the Government of India, where he focused on meaningful projects related to upskilling and women empowerment. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from St. Stephen's College, New Delhi, India.

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Jasjeev Singh Sahni

With a foundation in Economics and Political Science from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, Jasjeev channels his knowledge into meaningful activism for peace and sustainability. His experiences range from addressing online hate speech at Instagram to empowering digital narratives at Salesforce. At PeaceX, Jasjeev employs his expertise in public speaking and technical writing to advocate for the United Nations' goals. As a symbol of youth-led change, he propels the organization towards innovation in environmental advocacy and peacebuilding, making significant strides towards a sustainable future.

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