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Catalyst is a forum that culls the impotent words from action and impact. We believe that Action is the need of the hour, and without undivided and concrete steps through innovation, we cannot overcome the burgeoning challenges that our future holds within its fold. We aim to provide an interface between young innovators, who are working for social good, and the vulnerable and affected peoples. We connect budding change-makers and their potential with guidance and support in the form of capacity building and increased connectivity with the world. 


Catalyst, through various workshops and competitions, will facilitate the germination of a community that values and furthers interaction between changemakers who hold technology and social impact dear to themselves, while connecting them with social entrepreneurs, civic activists, and thought leaders who are leveraging technology for the common good. Catalyst, thus, is the driving force for achieving the Sustainable Future that we all wish for, and is the ontology for change that our twelve goals envision. Amnesty and Peace are the motto and inspiration for this global consortium of change and empowering strength. 


The workshops will focus upon building and developing skills through curated sessions hosted by professionals in particular domains. It serves as a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas, a sandbox to experiment in. Discussion and Interaction through research and on-field tasks are integral to this process of evolving into something better, step by step, everyday.


Though it’s impossible to measure the capacity of human intellect, competitions provide a space for them to explore it further. It allows one to test oneself out in scenarios beyond the comfort zones, and that’s where the journey beyond the ordinary exists. These are festivals, occasions to showcase creativity and insight; but most importantly, your perception.

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