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5 Ways to Ensure Healthier Oceans

With the progression and advancement in all sectors of the worldwide economy, it is unfortunate to see the blue hue turn begrime. Oceans, a precious resource and habitat of innumerable species of organisms have been the epitome of planet Earth way before humankind. Covering almost 70% of the planet, oceans have suffered decades of mistreatment in terms of large-scale plastic discharge, climate change, industry emissions of untreated liquids, etc. Every individual stepping up to save our oceans is indisputably the need of the hour.

Preventing the use of single-use plastics

Plastics, a non-biodegradable material, has literally 'choked' the oceans and their beings alike. According to research institutions, out of all the plastics produced worldwide (>260 million tons), 10% end up in the ultimate source of all water bodies, the oceans. Mitigation of non-recyclable plastic bags, containers, straws, etc., in our daily life can have a considerable impact on saving endangered marine life.

Check on industrial discharge

Needless to say, a magnanimous amount of toxic chemicals, sewage waste, oil spills, and scrap metals by the myriad of industries have degraded the quality of the water bodies surrounding them. This unfiltered and untreated waste affects the ecological balance of the water bodies and ends up intoxicating the species of the habitat. Therefore, Governments of many countries have fixed rules & regulations for wastewater dumping that require all the industries' holistic involvement.

Reducing carbon footprints

Severe after-effects of climate change have disrupted the vast water bodies by making them 'warmer.' Oceans, being spread all over the planet, absorb the maximum damage of global warming, resulting in the melting of icecaps & glaciers. If not taken into consideration, it's only a matter of time before there is an unnatural rise in the sea level leading to catastrophes like tsunamis and floods hitting the coasts of countries irrespective of the international borders.

Volunteering for organizations

Fortunately, many companies and non-profit organizations have taken up the cause of protecting the oceans. Since many of these institutions are well-recognized, their action indeed inspires the young minds out there. Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch-based company with CEO Boyan Slat, has recently found a way to intercept the traces of plastic in the water bodies. With its advanced technology, it is determined to get rid of 90 percent of oceanic plastic by 2040. One can even sign up for local beach clean-ups. After all, every small step counts!

Being an aware citizen and a changemaker by volunteering for such institutions makes one realize the real-life threats marine life faces and solve the problems at ground levels.

Adapting sensitivity toward the marine life

Creating awareness concerning global wastewater discharge, climate crisis, and following the regime of four R's-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover to contribute towards the cause. At the same time, being updated about the current state of oceans and their ecosystem through online blogs and docu-series indeed widen the spectrum of understanding of the reality of our source of survival.

So far, oceans have been the saviors of humankind, but within mere centuries, we have managed to exploit them for the worst. Unfortunately, with the existing state, the savior calls out for help in every possible manner. The question is, are you willing to listen?

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