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The project’s Theory of Change is rooted in the creation of sustainable capacity and content which would be the pedagogical instruments for the primary and post-primary levels of education in our targeted areas. The former concerns the upskillment and convergence of the priorities of remote educators, local pedagogues and social sector academicians; the latter pertains to the creation of a repository of material on general, common curriculum themes across educational systems viz. the level of enrolment. Our twin-pronged working mechanism necessitates a robust quantum of minds, ideas and resources. And therefore, it is our humble wish to partner and collaborate with like-minded organisations to effectuate our goals with more vigour and acuity. 



WHY PeaceX?


The PeaceX Organisation has garnered a base of changemakers and sustainable development enthusiasts from across the world. Our organisational structure has spread out to the grassroots of various nations. Through our Virtual Rendezvous-Webinars, we have had the privilege to host a motley of illustrious speakers on a wide variety of topics. These have acted as the key part of our awareness campaigns about our ethos and our goals. PeaceX has thus been successful in tapping into the intellectual bases of a number of developing and developed countries. Our online presence across our website, Facebook Page and Groups, Instagram and LinkedIn is constantly evolving and has an active audience.


The inherent calibre of the research and innovation ventures by PeaceX surpasses the same of embryonic organisations akin to itself. Quite simply, our powerhouse Secretariat are spearheading and ideating various other programmes which have the propensity to create major positive change or the impetus for the same. 


Since our inception in July, we have organized 4/5 webinars on topics such as Peace and Progress, Fake News and Information Literacy, and Hunger and Harmony  with each of them having 6,000+ participants from over 85 nations. Reputed speakers from different parts of the world have been the panelists for these webinars. Our ongoing initative 17 for75 have the UN Young Leaders for SDG as speakers for the event.

Our Previous Speakers:

Our Delegate Res Publica programme is our cardinal chamber of functioning at the World level. Acting as the footsoldiers of developmental change in their respective countries, our DelReps act as regional leaders with a global vision. Their network connects educational institutions at Secondary Senior and University level. Functioning as chapters, these are the chapters are campus based cells for regional activities, campaigns and projects. 








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