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Embark upon journey to make the world a better, more sustainable place with PeaceX. We seek spirited, remarkable individuals who want to explore themselves and craft the future. By design, being a part of PeaceX is a thrilling adventure to impact communities across the world, hone your innate talents, rub shoulders with sustainability leaders, and become one with our global family.  PeaceX is a home to a diversity of sustainability champions, innovation enthusiasts, research wizards, and developmental crusaders.

We tinker, explore and lead. 

As a member organisation of the United Nations Environment Programme Major Group on Children and Youth, the PeaceX family, hailing from 60+ countries, works towards achieving the ideals of peace and sustainability by brainstorming vibrant policy ideas and incubating community-rooted endeavours to counter and correct contemporary plights.

Create and Catalyze, Together

PeaceX is constituting a Management Council which is to be at the helm of affairs of all our work. The institution of this novel, transparent structure is to ensure that our ever-evolving work is at pace with our core foundations. At the moment, we are onboarding for seven key positions in the Council.



​To be eligible for any of the roles, a candidate must:

  • Be above 18 years old at the time of application

  • Be strongly committed to PeaceX's vision and mission

  • Have relevant experience

  • Be available to commit at least 15-20 voluntary hours per week

  • Have a self-sufficient access to internet connectivity and the relevant technological infrastructure

PeaceX is a volunteer-run organisation. We do not provide a stipend or honorarium for any position at PeaceX.


Role Description

Chairperson is the executive of the highest rank, chiefly responsible for executing strategic policies and plans as put forth by the Founders. The Chairperson is the head of the Management Council and makes sure that all departments are working efficiently and in synergy.

Skills Required

  1. They should have a minimum of one year experience in a similar role.

  2. They must be able to enhance and execute the Organisation's mission, vision, and overall strategy.

  3. They must accept full responsibility for the Organisation’s operations.

  4. They must be able to take the final word on the management of the Organisation's financial and human resources.

  5. They must be able to spearhead change and motivate personnel.

  6. They must ensure that human resources are managed in accordance with authorised personnel procedures and Organisation's policies

  7. They must set a cultural tone that promotes innovation, impact, and feedback.

  8. They must oversee the selection of executive personnel as per the recommendations of the Founders.


Role Description

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for overseeing macro-operational processes. They would ensure cross-departmental coordination, mitigation of activity bottlenecks, and creation of implementation plans. As an executive with the final word on the day-to-day division of duties, they would harmonize departmental visions with the Organisation’s mission. 

They would have a leading role in the organisation of external events and delegation of department-specific duties in such events. They must also be proactive to go beyond the call of duty, comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, welcome change, and demonstrate composure during times of uncertainty.

Skills Required

  1. They should have a minimum of one year experience in a similar role.

  2. They should be able to supervise daily operations and must have high-level organisational skills.

  3. They must be able to identify and work on unstructured problems and opportunities.

  4. They must be able to lead multiple projects while being responsible for project management and strategy development.

  5. They must have prior experience in planning and organising events like webinars, conferences, and competitions.

  6. They should demonstrate superior computer skills and be highly proficient in using the Microsoft Suite, the Google Workspace apps, Calendly, and other relevant organisation tools.

  7. They should be someone who can encourage volunteer alignment with organisation objectives


Role Description

The Chief People Officer is in charge of overseeing all aspects of human resources (HR), its practices, and operations to meet the needs of the constantly evolving organisation. The Officer provides overall leadership and guidance to HR functions by overseeing the administration, talent acquisition, training and development, performance monitoring, career development, and so forth.


The Officer additionally ensures that the organizational design and rewards structure is reflective of a dynamic environment and up-to-date modes of working in an increasingly competitive environment. Where necessary, the Chief People Officer also intervenes and mediates conflicts in a reflective manner that leads to an appropriate resolution.


Lastly, the Chief People Officer must keep up with the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring optimal performance of the HR department, which influences the performance of the various departments and the organisation at large.

Skills Required

  1. They should have a minimum of one year experience in a similar role.

  2. The Chief Human Resources Officer may have experience delivering innovative HR programmes within a fast-paced, evolving, and wide organisational setting.

  3. They should also have exceptional leadership skills, having an ability to influence the highest-ranking executives and leading a large group in a unified direction.

  4. They should demonstrate strong management capabilities that enable them to effectively assess the organisation's environment and deliver transformative change where necessary.

  5. Communication skills are imperative for this position, in both written and verbal form. 

  6. They should demonstrate superior computer skills and be highly proficient in using Microsoft Suite, Google Workspace apps, Calendly, and other organisational tools.

  7. They should demonstrate solid analytical skills, having an ability to analyze, refine, summarize, and present data and information. 


Role Description

The Director of Content Strategy would be the visionary behind PeaceX’s words. As the de facto chief executive of the Vienna Sphere — PeaceX’s think tank — they would be responsible to ideate, synchronize, effectuate, and audit its operations. They would ascertain a value-laden, seamless, and all-embracing content and communications experience for all our stakeholders. In this capacity, the Director would design and implement cross-departmental content development standards. 

They would partner up with and counsel relevant stakeholders across technical, public relations, marketing, operations and human resources to present PeaceX unified, unique voice in all content across various activities, assignments, campaigns, and events. Finally, it would be incumbent upon the Director to empower all content development personnel and optimize their workflow. 

Skills Required

  1. They should have a minimum of one year experience in a similar role.

  2. They should be able to ideate content development strategies and coordinate with the specific departments on a host of topics related to sustainability, international relations, and policy.

  3. They must demonstrate exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal. In their leadership capacity, the effectiveness of their department will be to the extent that there is clear communication and conveyance of important information from the top down.

  4. They must possess exceptional collaboration skills, have time consciousness and finalise projects within given time-frames, outstanding organisation and multitasking skills, having an ability to prioritise tasks, being driven with a desire to increase the consumer base through excellent content output.

  5. They should be able to research upon content strategies, methodologies, and industry-standard processes.

  6. They should have a track record of improving existing styles, processes, and teams.

  7. They should be proficient in the Microsoft Suite and the Wix Content Manager, among other relevant tools.


Role Description

The Chief Marketing Officer is a dynamic leader who oversees all activities in the marketing department and is responsible for creating innovative marketing strategies. The CMO is the organisation's unique and compelling voice, who aids in building awareness, uniqueness, relevance, esteem, and reputation among target consumers. The Chief Marketing Officer also ensures that the organisation's story is communicated creatively and dramatically to attract as much attention as possible.


The CMO oversees the public relations, SEO, social media, performance marketing, CRM, brand marketing, and other marketing operations. The Chief Marketing Officer also mobilises the communications department in launching strategies and ensuring clear communication within the marketing department and the other related departments.


Finally, the Chief Marketing Officer also plays a mentorship role towards the marketing department associates, assisting in executing their duties upon request, ensuring constant growth in their skills, and grooming them for the occupation of his position if needed.

Skills Required

  1. They should have a minimum of one year experience in a similar role.

  2. The candidate should have creative, strategic, and financial acumen coupled with the strong marketing intellect necessary for taking the organisation to the next level. 

  3. They should have had a proven record in building brand awareness and portray a deep understanding of marketing principles, business development, etc.

  4. They should have advanced working experience dealing with online/modern and offline/traditional marketing and communications functions.

  5. They should demonstrate a keen understanding of market dynamics and an ability to translate them into actionable strategies and marketing programs that aid in the achievement of the business's overall objectives.

  6. They should have the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, meet rigid deadlines, be extremely comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, and be comfortable working in a group setting. The Chief Marketing Officer should be a creative and strategic thinker and demonstrate calmness and composure under pressure and uncertainty, inspiring the department's personnel.

  7. Lastly, they must demonstrate superior leadership skills, inspiring and moving a cross-functional team towards a unified direction with a shared vision.


Role Description


The Chief Technical Officer is in charge of operating and developing various information technology and information systems aspects. The CTO must provide continuous support and solutions through their strategic vision and leadership to ensure smooth operations of projects and initiatives, working in sync with other departments.

Skills Required

  1. They should have a minimum of one year of experience in a similar role.

  2. They must provide continuous technical support, ensuring optimal functioning of the departments at PeaceX.

  3. They must ensure absolute precision, consistency, and high quality in all the deliverables.

  4. They should demonstrate superior computer skills and be highly proficient in using the WIX, Microsoft Suite, the Google Workspace apps, Graphic Editing Software, Video Editing/Streaming software, and other relevant technical software.

  5. They must align their objectives and deliverables to create the brand proposition in line with the Vision and Mission of PeaceX.

Role Description


The Research Officer supervises research projects from the early planning stages to project completion. They communicate with team members and verify that all projects and tasks are on schedule. The Research Officer reports project progress to supervisors and other committees.

The candidate applying for this role must have a minimum of one year of experience in a similar position.

Skills Required

  1. Data collection and analysis

  2. Statistical computer software programs

  3. Qualitative data research

  4. Quantitative data sets

  5. Project management

  6. Communications​

How to Apply

Application Process


Application Review: We perform a through assessment of your application, along with our background checks. It may take us two to four weeks to get back to you.

Apply now


Interview Assessment:: We invite you to a virtual interview where we take a deep dive into your previous experiences, skill-set, and compatibility with the PeaceX Organisation.


Follow-ups and Final Decision: Based on the role you're applying for, we may ask you for an additional submission. The details of the same would be revealed on an as-need basis. 

Post the recruitment assessment, you would be intimated of our final decision.

Decision Appeal:: PeaceX evaluates all applications with a comprehensive, multi-tiered process. Each application is assessed with the utmost scrutiny and extensive checks. If you would like to appeal against your application decision, kindly email us at

Please note that appeals are only accepted in the most exceptional of circumstances.

To apply, email us the following documents at

  1. Curriculum Vitae: You must include your education background, work experience, positions of responsibility (if any), organizational and technical proficiencies, and so on.

  2. Cover Letter: You may include the following in your cover letter: a brief summary of your background; your proficiencies, skills and achievements; reason for choosing PeaceX; what captivates you about the chosen position; how you can contribute in the capacity of PeaceX of that position; and whatever else you deem fit.

The subject of the email should be in this format: "Your Name_Position Applied".

The body of the email must include the following details:

  • Your name

  • Current Location (City, Country)

  • Date of Birth

  • Position Applied

  • Current or most recent institutional affiliation (education, work or volunteership)

To apply for multiple positions, kindly send separate emails for each of the positions.

For any queries, contact us at careers.peacex.

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