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In collaboration with
Ministry of Education, Haiti

Project BookPecker: Haiti is a skill-development and pedagogy enhancement initiative by BookPecker, organised in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, Haiti. It aims to expand the frontiers of education across socio-economic divisions and rethink curriculum. 


Project BookPecker: Haiti is a humble rendition to further the branches of education into the Haitian society and aid in perpetuating a better and stable future for children in secondary and high schools. It will be involving itself with public education systems to provide basic booster modules on non-conventional areas like sustainable development studies, human rights education, gender equality and so on. Both the PeaceX Organisation and the Ministry extend their sincere gratitude towards your transformative candour. We hope that we are able to gain currency from the individuals we are able to indulge in this project through your conscious attempts.


Nesmy Manigat
Minister of National
Education, Haiti

What is Project BookPecker Haiti?

In collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, Haiti, Project BookPecker would now branch out to enhance the foundation of education in Haiti. The Project would consist of a series of skill-development workshops for middle- and high-school students in Haiti in its initial phase. The subject areas covered include Sustainable Development, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), Happiness Curriculum (Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence), Career Building and Entrepreneurship, Peace-building Processes and Conflict Resolution, Comprehensive Sexuality Education by UNESCO, and Scientific Temperament Development. PeaceX aims to teach over 3,000 students in Haiti who have been the victims of violence during the past three years.


Thereafter, it would induct a specialised cohort of BookPecker Fellows—central members of Project BookPecker who develop curriculum and teach beneficiary students—from Haiti. These BookPecker Fellows would become the spearheads of change in their own communities.


Project BookPecker Haiti would also include a number of other sub-initiatives including the development of Haitian-specific curricula, competitive events, and advocacy campaigns.

Targeted Topics Areas


Sustainable Development


Career-building &



Peace Processes & Conflict Resolution,


Happiness Curriculum


Scientific Temperament Development


Comprehensive Sexuality Education by UNESCO

Join our Team

We are looking for Project Associates to implement the initial phase of Project BookPecker: Haiti. Project Associates would conduct sessions with multiple cohorts of students, create curriculum content, ideate approaches to topic areas, and enhance and translate existing modules. Project Associates must be fluent in English and French.

The project is currently being conducted remotely due to the restrictions imposed in the wake of Covid-19.

Enroll as a Student

Project BookPecker Haiti is an opportunity for you to boost your knowledge beyond the classroom and engage with a range of fascinating, enriching topic areas. Empower your critical thinking skills to venture into the real world with a series of invigorating sessions.

We are currently accepting applications for the first cohort of students for Project BookPecker Haiti sessions. The sessions for the first cohort would be held from 27 February to 20 March 2022.

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