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What would Winston Churchill have said about Green Jobs in a Globalizing Market? | Blog Wars

By Anjana Jayalakshmi KR

Editorial Note This blog has been written by a finalist of the Blog Wars event organised the PeaceX. The writing prompt, "As Winston Churchill, write an essay on the topic 'Green Jobs in a Globalizing Market'", was created from a writing prompt generator to allow participants to step into the minds of the most famous and influential of international personalities, and recreate their vision on contemporary issues. We encourage you to read, like and share your favourite posts, which can be found here! Happy reading, Blog Wars Organising Team

Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, and Citizens,

We must remember that the United Kingdom was first-in-line when Globalization began. With my foresight with an acute sense of history, often ahead of prevailing opinion, and never shying away from saying what some might choose to ignore at the time – we were initiators of Globalization. We are World Leaders.

I have always said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

As Prime Minister of this marvellous nation, I refuse to listen to propaganda.

The first era of globalization happened in the late 19th century.

Through this, we are bound to witness cultural bondage, technology sharing, opportunity enhancement, products and services exchange, friendly relationships across citizens, and many more that are closely interwoven due to globalization.

There are two pillars to support mankind towards better economic growth and development. Globalization is the key towards the development of mankind which has happened this far and it will keep growing further.

Through European integration, we have built 3Ps - Peace, Progress, and Prosperity, through our shared values and interest. We go above and beyond and contribute this sharing to other regions, to tilt them gradually and increase the awareness of Globalization.

We are facing some sort of dysfunctionalities due to change. These dysfunctionalities do not evolve from the current predicament in which our democratic form of government finds itself.

Our political system is the best in the world, perhaps, the best in history. We must not forget that the tectonic shift in the global, political, and economic system has broken down trade barriers, established trade rules unilaterally throughout the entire global economy in an effective manner.

We are a country, a nation, that is economically powerful. Economic Power resides in the networks that transfer information and technologies related to the increase in capital mobility.

Resources are common to all and require initiative, work, and talent to exploit. The government’s role is to regulate the use and strive to create a balance between personal gain and common benefit.

The national government’s ability to regulate those who control the resources must never diminish, and shall never tip the balance of power.

Imagine a world filled with the circuit of exchanges. A world that has witnessed the dismantling of nation-state borders, and has given rise to ‘sub-national entities’, global digitalized markets, and free trade blocs.

We were, are, and will never be afraid to startle the world with new ideas and even, as many must find them outrageous propositions!

Hence, why, we as proactive people must think long-term. Look at the bigger picture of employment, socio-economic welfare, and of course, the ethos of our existence!

There has been rapid urbanization and job growth leading to more demand for resources and services. This has come at a price.

With greenhouse gas emissions on the rise, it is a cause for concern for our environment. Climate Change may not impact your day-to-day affairs now, but in the long run, when the world develops and improves, climate change will cause negative externalities, thereby, causing a halt in global functioning.

This is why, I, as your Prime Minister, would like to ensure people and the environment lead a healthy life. Regions must not be prone to natural disasters, landslides, flooding, and typhoons.

Climate Change will amplify these disasters and pave the way towards them occurring frequently. This would result in the increasing destruction of homes, workplaces, and livelihoods.

The rise in temperature will disrupt food production, which would cause havoc in the workforce and leave them unable to support themselves and their families.

This situation is unsustainable. To ensure we can live in a clean environment with sustained economic growth, we need to make the world work greener.

While work is often a large contributor to emissions and climate change, it can also be a mitigating force.

The guidelines that our ministers have set out are a roadmap to make our world greener.

A key part of this transition is investing in Green Jobs.

Green Jobs will help to conserve our environment and fight climate change. They are defined as decent jobs that are good for the environment.

Green jobs are considered as:

A Voice at Work


Fair Income

Safe Working Conditions

All of this while protecting the environment.

My administration guarantees Green Jobs will be initiated while we protect the environment.

This initiative will help to

Improve Energy Efficiency

Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Minimize Waste and Pollution

Green Jobs are a key part of climate change prevention, mitigation, and adaptation. With our analysis, we hope to build more than 10 million jobs in the renewable sector, and more than 20 million jobs can be created by 2025.

Green Jobs can be created for a globalized world by following the transition guidelines that are measured to foster a prosperous, environmentally friendly sustainable society. This will strive to increase dialogues between workers, employers, and governments.

Together groups can create strategies, policies, and regulations for a greener and fairer economy.

The world will follow our implementation as they are good for the environment. They are good for the economy. They are good for people.

By making our work greener, we can build a better, more sustainable future for women, men, and other genders, around the world.

A greener world will minimize carbon print. A positive change is the most essential component and this is the first step towards this initiative. Go Green is a fundamental component of economic growth.

Health is Wealth applies to the planet that provides.

Environment protection is directly proportional to the health of the earth which would have a cascading effect on the wealth of beings.

What is most essential is for the policy-makers to focus on the bigger picture of the employment significances of policies to correct environmental impactful variables. The uniqueness of this kind of opportunity would make One World; One Race on all aspects of Economic, Environment, Equality, and Endurance.

Though the thought process of Green Jobs has been evolved, this goes back to years of Land Conservation Policies of World Leaders; Rosevelt and I, to name a couple, played a pivotal role in policymaking and to make the world to adhere the norms towards conservation and protection of natural resources in collaboration with environmental sustainability and to have sustainable economic growth.

The price of greatness is responsibility.

The above multidimensional assessment tool can be used to scrutinize the degree to which the accepted understanding of green jobs is appropriate for attaining the goals of our current moment to identify which elements are not covered by the standard definition, to fill the gap.

Capitalizing and respecting the human capacity to assist and tend to the educated people is vital for any sustainability agenda. This work is required for the continuation of humanity, for raising an informed and healthy generation, and mitigating the harmful impacts of climate change.

The usual notions of the green economy and green jobs do not take these ideas, and innumerable segments of the sustainability assessment tool, such as gender and generations, wellbeing and health, and inquiry and learning, are not taken into consideration.

Describing green jobs for a sustainable economy therefore will require development to better incorporate these elements, including

Health care workers, and


They are crucial towards maintaining resources for future generations.

Health Care Workers Are Green Workers.

If and when people face health consequences related to climate change, the health care workforce is pivotal in the transition toward a sustainable economy.

Using a sustainability-driven outline of green jobs ensures that health care workers are green workers, and their work is significant for the long-term well-being of society, economy, and intergenerational equity.

Health care workers that pass on services necessary to the health, resilience of society, and work to improve generational well-being.

To conclude, as leaders in a globalized world, we must strive to conserve, regulate, and encourage equity and investment in jobs.

Sectors that will witness a boom and are the most potential to create green jobs are:






This manifesto will increase efficient consumption of energy and raw materials,

limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimizes waste and contamination, protects and restores ecosystems, and contributes to adaptation to climate change.

The effect on Global Economy will be vast and significant. More than 18 million jobs in the world economy will be the funnel.

We shall never surrender. The New World with all its power will come forth to the rescue and liberate the old.

Refute the preposterous claims.

This is our policy. You may ask, “what is the aim”?

I can answer in a word: It is victory, victory at all costs, however tiresome and difficult the path may be, for without victory, there is no survival.

God Bless England! God Save The Planet! God Save The Queen!


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Sree Devi Kailas
Sree Devi Kailas
Jun 21, 2021

A literary abode well crafted, emotionally tied to nationalism, reflecting Churchill’s thoughts throughout. Good Attempt!

Anjana Jayalakshmi
Anjana Jayalakshmi
Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for your kind words, ma'am! So nice of you!


Gunjan Singh
Gunjan Singh
Jun 21, 2021

A fascinating read, enjoyed every bit of it. Great work!

Anjana Jayalakshmi
Anjana Jayalakshmi
Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Gunjan!


Aravindan Ramaiah
Aravindan Ramaiah
Jun 21, 2021

Very good well done Anjana!!!!!

Anjana Jayalakshmi
Anjana Jayalakshmi
Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Sir!


well done Anjana 👍🏻

Anjana Jayalakshmi
Anjana Jayalakshmi
Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!

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