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Abraham Lincoln on Artificial Intelligence: A dependent crutch or an unreined unicorn | Blog Wars

By Rachi Agarwal

Editorial Note This blog has been written by a finalist of the Blog Wars event organised the PeaceX. The writing prompt, "As Abraham Lincoln, write an essay on the topic 'Artificial Intelligence: A dependent crutch or an unreigned unicorn'", was created from a writing prompt generator to allow participants to step into the minds of the most famous and influential of international personalities, and recreate their vision on contemporary issues. We encourage you to read, like and share your favourite posts, which can be found here! Happy reading, Blog Wars Organising Team

In this era of science and technology, artificial intelligence or machine intelligence has started influencing almost every aspect of our lives in order to improve and enhance the efficiency of our human capabilities.

Artificial intelligence is basically the simulation of human intelligence processes using machines, especially computer systems that focus mainly on three cognitive skills: learning, reasoning and self-correction.

AI makes every process better, faster, and more accurate. Building an AI system, is a careful process of reverse-engineering human traits and capabilities in a machine, and using its computational prowess to surpass what we are capable of.

Artificial Intelligence improves the existing process and applications across industries and also helps in developing new solutions to problems that are overwhelming to deal with manually.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

· Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): These are the systems designed for performing one specific task and whose capabilities are not easily transferrable to other systems.