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Colin Jun

South Korea & the UK

Beyond the contribution to expanding my network, the BookPecker fellowship was also a great time to exercise and to improve my leadership skills. Unexpectedly being the team leader for three departments of the BookPecker fellowship, I continuously evaluated how I should lead fellows with different characteristics towards a shared goal and project.

The values that BookPecker Fellowship and PeaceX hold are what made my time in PeaceX the most valuable pathway. I enjoyed the fellowship since I knew that the activities that I am doing for the BookPecker Fellowship can directly impact the lives of underprivileged students. This clear goal and the commitment of PeaceX to quality education are the strongest drivers for me to push myself to work on BookPecker Fellowship continuously.

I hope the PeaceX Team can continuously keep up the excellent work they have been doing to ensure at least one more student in this world can get a better quality education every day. Of course, as now a part of the PeaceX Community, I will also continuously contribute to supporting PeaceX to reach out to more students across India and other less developed countries to make tomorrow better together with more people.

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