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Arijit Goswami


Working with PeaceX has been an absolute pleasure. Prior to Bookpecker Fellowship, I have worked with a couple of NGOs in the area of quality education for underprivileged kids. My experience so far was of direct interaction with students and dynamically customizing the education plans as per their changing needs.

However, at PeaceX, I got a chance to spend enough time to chalk out comprehensive lesson plans and develop holistic learning collaterals through iterative discussion with other fellows. Through interactions with eminent educationists and child psychologists, I understood what entails a child's mindset behind learning and how one must cater to children of diverse capabilities and comprehension levels. Moreover, my network has expanded to change mindset-driven individuals across 119 countries, some of whom have worked closely with me for curriculum development.

I urge the readers to consider volunteering for quality education as a must in their life, as it gives crucial insights into psychology of kids and also makes us more patient and inclusive in our perspectives. Working in the education sector, in fact, educates us more than our schools could ever do.

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