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With an illustrious 10+ months past, PeaceX has flown above and beyond thorny forests with the strong community built by individuals like yourself that has instilled courage and life into the lives of all those who are connected to it. A diversity so lush, people so kind and innovative and intentions so clear, we have managed to collectively reach heights that once seemed like dreams.

We, at PeaceX, have learnt some lessons during this time we have spent together. As a conglomerate of environmentally conscious individuals, we have managed to create a human chain of conscience that has reached the nooks and corners of the world, and we strive to continue with such grit in the times to come. As an organisation conceived in a time that continues to face the torrents of a pestilence, an aggravated world order and much more, we have strived to bring a positive impact in all directions, and we aim to increase our efforts towards this. From Project BookPecker to our advocacy streams, we have spoken, deliberated, interacted and lived for sustainability. On this World Environment Day, we wish every being on this Earth a sustainable, healthy and balanced future.

On this note, we would like to share some great news! As a recognition of our efforts, we were recently named a member organisation at the United Nations Environment Programme under its Major Group for Children and Youth. A space for children and youth to engage meaningfully in environmental governance and conservation processes across the UN system, the UNEP has accorded us with the honour of sharing our platter of ideas and work ethic with young leaders across the world. We are full of gratitude towards you, our dear reader, for having helped us progress into this achievement. Without your consistent support and determination, this would not have become an actuality.

From ours to yours, a big big thank you and a Happy World Environment Day!


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