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Triggers of Terrorism

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

With the changing dynamics of a globalized world, the way power is conceptualized, sought and threatened within social, economic and political contexts is also bound to change. The nature of the threats to international and national security is changing, as nontraditional sources of threats to security, state power, and the lives of civilians emerge.

When it comes to threats to security in the contemporary world, terrorism is a threat that is fast emerging as a globally widespread malaise.

While major catastrophes like the 9/11 haven’t come to pass in recent years, incidents of

terror on a smaller scale continue to be frequent and prevalent.

Terrorism can be defined as indiscriminate violence that employs unlawful means to achieve

political or ideological goals, and targets civilians deliberately and discriminately.

Terrorist activity is either orchestrated by organized terrorist groups, notorious examples of