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The Great Barrier And The Reef

According to the internet, we have lost over half the population of the Great Barrier Reef. It has suffered five mass bleaching events that are caused by rise in ocean temperatures. As the name suggests, there has been a great barrier hindering the survival of the reefs. What is the barrier? It is believed that the greatest barrier to its existence is climate change.

However, a group of self-proclaimed scientists have done a joint research and concluded that human beings are to blame. The results showed that a variety of illnesses possessed by a number of human beings is the cause. However, we shall only discuss two common ones.

The first illness is Blame Game Syndrome;

this is quite prevalent among policy makers, although ordinary citizens have been reported to show signs too. The major symptoms involve failure to provide solutions and blaming others for mistakes that have occurred. One study has showed that fossil fuel industries have been diagnosed with The Blame Game Syndrome, at this rate things are proving difficult as we know they do contribute a great share to its destruction.

The other most prevalent disease is the Renege Syndrome; the major symptom is failure to do something that you have promised. Studies have shown that decision makers are more likely to set good policies but very unlikely to follow them. With the rate at which decision makers are spitting sweet policies and promises at various conventions we are very much likely to get cavities. What’s even sad is that they have written humongous books only for it to be kept on shelves to accumulate dust.

It has been concluded that for as long as man continues to have those diseases, then we shall witness the death of the Great Barrier Reef and eventually our own extinction if we continue destroying life on planet.

Scientists have provided two major solutions to the illnesses: One is taking drugs and the other is exile of the infected to Mars. On the bright side none of the illnesses is contagious and if you’re diagnosed it is recommended you take SRAS otherwise known as Scientific Research Articles two times a day till the symptoms disappear or do some serious reflections (it is recommended to be taken simultaneously with SRAS) . To avoid generic ones, it is advised to shop them from your local library or university.

Exile of the infected to Mars has caused a heated discussion and we recently received communications from The Undertaker, the President of Mars, he/she stated, “It’s rather preposterous that human beings know more about Mars than they do about their home. We wish to convey that we have forgone the invasion of the Earth as it’s almost a dead planet and of no benefit to us. We will appreciate if human stay out of our planet and learn to fix their problems.”

Researchers are hoping that man can learn a thing or two from the speech by The Undertaker. Researchers have also proved that Unicorns and Fairies exists on Mars but have failed to save the Great Barrier Reef.

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