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Climate Change and Agriculture Disaster Management

The world sought to work together socially beyond the geographical distance. Several globally achievable goals were created accordingly. It could be identified with different nature over time depending on changing socio-economic factors. Among them, the Sustainable Development Goals set out in 2015 are important and are linked to the United Nations member states. This can be identified as a universal call expected and scheduled to be fulfilled by the year 2030. With 17 goals and 169 targets, this global effort is not just one in one field but a combination of all the elements needed to build a sustainable world. Out of these, Sustainable Development Goal No. 02 is of utmost importance. The reason is that life must be preserved to achieve any kind of mission. According to medical and health dictates, food is a primary human need. Goal 2 is the power to eradicate hunger and to achieve all kinds of goals.

1. Introduction to SDG 2

The goal is to eradicate hunger, improve food security and nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. This can be identified as an opportunity that is associated not only with food but also with consumption pattern. It is believed that through the proper management of agriculture, environment as well as fisheries, it will be possible to not only provide nutritious food but also to build a rural economy by increasing income. The goal is to ensure that by 2030 there will be enough food to provide nutrition and protection for infants, the poor and the needy. It aims to incr