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A Führer of Pandemics

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Written by

Zinnia Aurora

Jasjeev Singh Sahni


Shaving off the trades and tantrums of a trembling Tinker Bell? Ah, well, in this case, you do not find a Terence or Pixie Dust to subtle your wounds and scars. What pestilence brings upon us is yet to be deciphered to its brim, its treachery is yet to be decoded. What stands before us in times like these is a jargon of death and numbers running astray. But again, nature reaps what it sowed- us. This us is synchronised with a social, a political, an economic. The milieu of life is something that cannot be and should not be tampered, hence, we drive our assumptions and estimates to bring before you a simple outline of a Byzantine system of functioning - the economy, something that we may (or maybe not) cradle as per our whims.

The land of cronies and depraved stands at an echelon of grave shame and stark mismanagement while the Dragon sits and exacerbates its misfortuned fortune of stepping in. On the other hand stands the democratic Reich of chalant deeds- sitting atop a possible recession brought upon it by some who we do not speak of.