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A Letter to Humanity of the First Human's Walk on the Moon.

Dear humanity,

Humankind is a constantly evolving species with an excellent acumen to do better. It was not always like this, you know? Ever since the creation of this tangible universe with intangible elements thanks to the big bang theory, I have seen inhabitants of the planet Earth thriving each day.

Life started on this blue planet nearly 3.5-4 billion years ago, from the dominance of the microscopic cells to the existence of a humongous species of dinosaurs, ultimately paving the way to homo sapiens. Life on Earth has turned extinct, only to be followed by the birth of a more advanced species. Humankind is the end product of this evolution that shall perhaps survive the longest on this planet.

You start believing in the 'collective good' when you witness a wipeout of living, breathing species at such a huge scale and the emergence of entirely new ones like I have. The ancient species did not characterize my mere existence on this planet, but humankind is something I look forward to observing till the next possible evolution. The current year is 1969, not just another year for an average human. This year has created history in the 200,000 years since the appearance of modern species, and you know my favorite part? I identify as the driving force behind this most significant act of humankind!

To be honest, you mortal beings never cease to amaze me. One moment you are leading wars against each other in mere hopes of occupying a piece of land, in other times, you bond with mutual interests, strategies, and understanding. Humankind is by far the most complex species I have come across. But I feel it is only natural that species fostering all the latest developments are bound to have shortcomings. There are always reasons for them to prompt a wrong decision, but you all come together through peaceful alliance and a spirit of nobility at the end of the day.

Altruism is innate, but it is not instinctual- meaning to say everybody is wired for it, but a 'switch' has to be flipped. It is the month of July 1969; I happen to sense an adrenaline rush of excitement and fear. The entire state of affairs is so loud; it is hard to miss it. According to the humanmade leaflets sold on pavements, Apollo 11 had successfully made it to the moon's surface. I am no science-enthusiast, but the universe and its exploration tend to intrigue my psyche. But this was huge; in terms of my entire existence, I had never thought in my wildest dream that humankind would be successful in attaining that mark of absolute advancement. Expeditions like this take many years of planning, execution, predictions only to result in failed attempts, retrials, frustration, and humane agony.

So, finally, after completing the space-travel journey of three days, Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin made it to the surface of luna. The moment when Armstrong set his foot on the

rocky surface of the moon, humankind triumphed! This epic moment of humanity's mark on the moon was telecasted worldwide.

All the crew members safely made it back to Earth, although it is rumored that they escaped a near-collision experience. An anomaly almost killed them while they were returning to Earth. The once-classified anomaly caused a discarded piece of space metal to nearly crash into the crew's capsule.

But as they say- 'all that's well, ends well,' Apollo 11 moon mission has been the most significant victory of the US in its history of technological advancement and innovations. Needless to say, you have exceeded my expectation in fields of dynamism and creation. I believe that the desire to revolutionize a new era of space exploration aroused the 'collective good' of your descendants. It's hard to predict what next significant endeavor you will take in your mission to be developed soundly.

The Moon mission was an essential milestone in humankind's exploration of the moon and its darker side, a possible base for future expeditions into space with a strategic planetary traverse. All the efforts by the scientists, engineers, astronauts, technicians, and supporting teams eventually led to the happening of the impossible. With fragments of the moon's soil and other biological elements, the US space administration, NASA, succeeded in getting the first-mover advantage over other countries. Still, the further developments in the course study of the moon and its surface are helping the entire humankind. Can life exist on the moon? Will humankind eventually colonize the whole solar system? Answers to these questions remain disputed, but one thing is confirmed for sure: the selfless nature and direst need to help humankind evolve and grow as collective individuals that missions like this are set as a pedestal to encourage them to do better.

The future might be unpredictable, but one thing that I know from my long existence- individuals, nations & countries shall always come together in the end for the benefactor of the entire humankind. That's what makes them humane and a community focused on consistent development and improving morals & ethics.

I am looking forward to futuristic, more incredible revelations.

Your constant,


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