When the tears of a parent wallow the schooling of their newborn foregone, humanity finds itself in a bottomless grave. 

When a community pledges its dignity and life savings for a phone on which you or I may choose to play games, it is us who are the sinful.

When a child contemplates the unthinkable, undoable step due to a lack of technology, we know that the gravest of the grave has occurred. 

  • We request you to fill this form to show your intention to donate a device and make the world a slightly better place.

  • Based on your preferences, a representative would contact you to ensure the proper collection of the device.

  • We accept used phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. ideally in working condition. Please note that we only accept the devices that are suitable to be used for online education.

  • We ensure that each donated device reaches the right pair of hands.

  • We guarantee the deletion of your data before the allocation of devices, make sure of transparency in the process.

  • The impact generated with the help of your donated device will be shared with you at the end of academic year.

  • Certificate will be given for the donation.


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