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How do I transfer Shares?

If you are facing issues like missing share certificates or dismantled physical share certificates, no more worries now, as there are numerous consultancies in India who can provide you instant solutions for your recovery of share problems.

In India, recovery of share process to obtain physical share certificate have become easy with new iepf law. As per these regulations, one can obtain its missing share certificate through a simple process.

You can obtain your share certificate information easily through the iepf website or if you find it difficult, you can reach out to us at

How do I transfer shares through iepf?

The solution is simple and quick. Just follow the steps:

  • Reach out to the Muds Management consultants

  • Submit your application and required documents

  • And congrats, your recovery of share/physical share certificate/missing share certificate are now completed.

So, as you have seen, the process is quick, simple and easy just like our services. You can gather all sorts of share certificate information belonging to any of the listed companies.

Muds Management is a pioneer in the recovery of the share sector. We provide numerous services like:

  1. Obtaining a physical share certificate

  2. Finding missing share certificate

  3. Share certificate information

  4. Recovery of lost share

  5. Transfer of physical shares

  6. Transfer of shares after death of loved ones

  7. Issue of duplicate shares

  8. Iepf share claim

  9. Dividend claim through iepf

We are a trusted name in this industry and have a huge clientele list. Our clients are now enjoying their lost wealth. Now, it's your time to recover your lost wealth and enjoy your life.

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