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My name is Ananda Majumdar. I Like studies and have done through various ways such as my degree BA, MA, MBA, HRM, B.Ed. Early Childhood Professional Education from universities such as MBB College (Tripura University), Jadavpur University, Sikkim Manipal University, Grant MacEwan University, Nor-quest College, The University of Alberta, Harvard Graduate School of Education (professional education online student as an early childhood educator in Alberta, Canada. I am performing professional development courses such as Bilingualism, Early Educator Training and Development etc.), Open University online free courses for professional development(online on early childhood, distance educational importance, literacy and international affairs, child crisis, the introduction of distance learning) UK & Ireland, child development through Base-corp Online Learning, and Athabasca University Online open Studies program(I will transfer into Bachelor of General Studies after graduated from the University of Alberta), through diversity online platform I am also taking topics like European Union, Political Science, climate change, policy studies etc. My study areas are Political SC., International Relations, HR management, Elementary Education/Child Care, Scandinavian Norse Mythology, Latin America, Modern Italian Studies, Humanities, etc. I have 110 professional development references and certifications that I have performed, few examples are Certification in Inter- Cultural Studies, Certification in Humanities 101, Certification in International Learning, Certification in University Social Worker, Certification in Community Service Learning, Certification in Educational Workshops, Certification in Child Care, Certification in research fields(social science, early education, primary education and humanities includes religion like: Hinduism and Karma. I have performed my professional work through various Internships as a Researcher in Article Writing at the Antarctic Institute of Canada, Internship as a Research Assistant at the Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour 2017: Development of Canada &Northern Communities led by a Canadian Pilot. Internship as Lead Summer Camp Educator, Nyarkenyi Development Foundation of Alberta, Doing Various jobs, Child Care Assistant at Brander Garden After School Parents Association, Volunteerism at Edmonton International Airport Ambassador, Valley Zoo Education Ambassador, Translator from English to Bengali, Meteorite in Antarctica is the best book for translation, translated book in Bengali & Gandy and Man in White published in - Antarctic Institute of Canada, supervised by Dr. Austin Mardon, Director Antarctic Institute of Canada, Professor of Geography, Mental Health Advocate at the University of Alberta. I have awards such as Japan Global Citizenship Award recipient, Alberta volunteerism performer certification as a Star of Alberta by the department of Culture and Tourism, Government of Alberta, nomination for Federal Award for volunteerism from Canadian Government, Knight Award of Saint Sylvester from Vatican City by my Supervisor and prof. Dr. Austin Mardon etc. I have various publications such as Scandinavian Norse Mythology an article published at Akamai University journal, Hawaii, USA, Usefulness of Bilingualism, Hawaii Conference Center organized by IAFOR Research Centre, Osaka School of Public Policy, Osaka University, Japan, Internship as a writing leader/coordinator at Project Adult Literacy Society , Internship as a Communication & Social media at International Association of Citizens for Civil Society ( CCS), Music project in early childhood center, Edmonton Mennonite Society @ course Ethnomusicology 365 & We are all Musical Mind an applied research in the community, and its publication through University of Alberta & FURCA research fair (URI, U of Alberta), Kids buddy at Edmonton Public School(Brander Garden Elementary School), CELPIP English test examiner at Migrate Alberta for immigration to Canada as permanent resident language requirement for all temporary foreign workers and students - Filipino immigrants , Language Translator from Esperanto (an ancient language of Poland) to Bengali for the organization in Edmonton( Non-Profit) and many more publication through the University of Calgary, University of Alberta and few future activities from European and U.S. universities. I would like to pursue my Ph.D. in International Development(Weapons of Mass Destruction Or Climate Change Or Education in Developing Countries Or Food Crisis and Security, or Social Development or Early Childhood such as bilingualism, conversation for linguistic skills- depends on supervisor availability in the areas My research interest is through International Relations, Human Resource Management, Inter-Cultural Studies, Education, Mythology (Old Norse Literature), Humanities and Social Sciences, I am currently affiliated with Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Professional Education Student as Early Childhood Educator(online studies), University of Alberta, Faculty of Education, Undergraduate. I am an enrolled student at Athabasca University online degree program, as a non-program student currently due to my University of Alberta Education program, upon completion of my U Alberta degree, I will automatically be transferred into the Bachelor of General Studies program with credentials that I finished degrees from India and Canada. I am a guest lead editor in U.S. based journal Science Publishing Group and a Media Coordinator at the International Association of Political Science Students (IAPSS). I love music, social work, studies, travelling and love my career. I love human beings and glad to work for them as a community service worker, which is my other certification from the University of Alberta, CSL (Community Service Learning) and Certification of International Learning (CIL) to know the world culture and history and ancient politics. I am a Canadian citizen at present. Through my studies in India and in Canada, my learning experience has expanded, my knowledge has been expanded which makes me a globally institutional citizen. I am travelling around the world for academic seminars, conferences, and workshops for my global academic achievement that can lead my higher studies in Philosophy and Social Sciences. It is an academic experience that leads my career in academia. Those initiatives are part of my educational perspective and an opportunity to look at the world and its diversities among people, ethnic communities. It also an opportunity through my multidisciplinary studies to know the world and to make a combination of classroom and community work. I am a professional, academician through which I am serving communities through my profession and voluntary work as well. It is a contribution to the development of communities and people. I wish I would😊



Ananda Majumdar
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